A side-impact collision can result in catastrophic injuries. In Las Vegas, collisions are common, especially at intersections, as many drivers fail to obey the traffic lights. The injuries sustained can change your future life. For instance, you might paralyze and become unable to resume your normal activities. Providing for your family members might also become a significant challenge. That's why you require compensation for the damages and injuries you suffer. To obtain the settlement you require, you must work closely with an aggressive side-impact collision attorney. 

At the Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney Law Firm, we will do everything possible to prevent the insurer from under compensating you. We focus on securing the best results for our clients. We understand the accidents have changed your normal duties, and you need compensation from the at-fault party. Remember, we are good at what we do.

Overview of Side Impact Collisions in Nevada

Side impact collisions are also known as T-bone collisions. When you are involved in these accidents, you will sustain various injuries based on the speed of the involved vehicle and the size. Remember, many front ends of cars are made with different materials to withstand high impact after a collision and protect drivers and passengers. However, the passengers of a vehicle hit on the sides have limited protection from sustaining severe injuries. That's why many victims of side-impact collisions sustain catastrophic injuries. 

Even when the vehicle has airbags to prevent injuries, this type of accident leaves them with injuries as many vehicles rollover after the collision. It is true the involved vehicle can roll over and attract other accidents. When you are off your lane, you will be exposed to accidents from other vehicles, telephone poles, and guardrails. 

A few people who survive side-impact collisions suffer broken bones, brain injuries, back injuries, spinal cord injuries, and neck injuries. So, when you are a victim of these accidents, you want to speak to your injury attorney. The attorney will help you receive compensation for the injuries and damages you suffer. Also, the attorney will help you determine the at-fault party. 

Nevada Right of Way

In Nevada, the fault is usually determined through the involved driver's negligence. Negligence occurs when a driver fails to obey traffic rules or drives their vehicle without caring for the other road users. Remember, motorists have their right of way. Therefore, when you want to make a turn, the law requires you to wait until the incoming vehicle gives sufficient space to turn. It is a violation of traffic rules to rush through the oncoming cars since you will likely lead to side-impact collisions. 

It would help if you observed the traffic lights as they tell you whether you have the right of way. Be attentive and observe these traffic lights; observe the other road users like motorists and pedestrians whenever you want to turn. Even when the traffic lights give you the right of way, it is illegal to cross the intersection carelessly. Exercise reasonable care to ensure you reduce the chances of causing a side-impact collision. 

Whenever you come to an intersection, you recommend you slow down and obey the traffic lights. Also, follow the traffic officers' instructions. Again, obey the emergency vehicle personnel on the road. Whenever two or more vehicles arrive at an intersection simultaneously, the car at the left must pave the way. When the traffic is disguised, you must stop at the intersection regardless of the traffic lights. In Nevada, any driver who violates the right of way and results in an accident becomes responsible for the injuries and damages. 

Common causes of T-Bone collision

Side impact collisions always occur unexpectedly. The crash can result in severe injuries or even death. When this happens, the victims are left disturbed physically and emotionally. Most of the side-impact crashes are preventable. The accidents mostly occur because of drivers' negligent or reckless behaviors. Examples of factors that contribute to side-impact collision include:

Unsafe Left or U-turn

Sometimes, the driver may fail to allow all the vehicles entering an intersection to pass and make an unsafe U-turn. When the driver makes the turn, a side-impact collision may occur. In case this happens, the driver is answerable due to their negligence.

Over Speeding

Speeding is one of the causes of T-bone collision. Most speeding drivers may be intoxicated or driving without wearing a seat belt. Again drivers may over speed when they fall behind their daily schedules. When the motorist is driving too fast, they risk people’s lives. A speeding driver cannot respond in an emergency on the road, like a traffic control device or a road hazard. Speeding makes the vehicle more exposed to loss of control due to weather-related road conditions like rain, snow, and ice. Again, overspeeding increases the force of impact when side impact collision occurs. Therefore, increasing the chances of causing catastrophic injuries or death.

Driver Impairment

Driving while impaired is another common cause of side-impact collisions. The driver can be impaired due to alcohol consumption, illegal drugs, or prescription drugs. Both unlawful and over-the-counter drugs result in impairment. Prescription medication results in drowsiness, while unlawful drugs cause loss of attention to the driver. The impairment can prevent the driver from acting responsibly and making unsafe left turns to cross an intersection at an increased speed resulting in a T-bone collision.

Driver Distractions

Distraction refers to anything which can draw the motorist’s eye away from the road. Also, it refers to what draws hands away from the wheel and the mind away from driving. Many distractions result in T –bone collisions, injuries, and fatalities. For example:

  • A driver Sending text messages, reading, typing, or scrolling smartphones results in distraction. The message draws the eyes to the screen. Also, the scrolling of the smartphone draws the hand from the wheel. Lastly, replying to the message distracts the brain from driving. The distractions prevent the motorist from paying attention to the road and might try to cross at an intersection without observing the traffic signal causing a side-impact collision.
  • Any driver looking at something outside the vehicle contributes to triple distraction and easily results in a side-impact collision. The eyes leave the road to look at something outside. The body turning tends to distract the driver from the task of driving. It can easily result in a side-impact collision as the driver will pull the wheel in the opposite direction. Alternatively, the driver concentrates on what they are looking for. Remember, they should concentrate on the vehicle and the safety of the road users.
  • The noise in a car can also distract the driver and result in T- a bone collision. The noise may include music that impairs the motorist's ability to focus on driving.
  • Manual activities, including eating, checking someone’s makeup in the mirror, or picking something from the vehicle's floor, can easily distract the driver from the wheel. The motorist may be unable to perceive upcoming traffic lights, hazards, and stops resulting in side-impact collisions.
  • Driver distraction happens when the driver does something unconsciously safe. The distractions cause unconscious acts, which can lead the driver and passengers to unsafe situations like running a stop sign when another car is at an intersection resulting in a T-bone collision.

Head and Back Injuries

When a side impact collision occurs, you are likely to sustain head injuries. The seated driver and passengers can easily strike their heads against the steering wheel, windows, or dashboards when the vehicle is speeding. The impacts can easily result in TBI. TBI ranges from a mild concussion to coma and cognitive problems. When you sustain head injuries, you may have skull fractures and lose your hearing and vision. Head injuries sustained from the T-Bone collision require long-term medical attention. Back Injuries are also common in side-impact collisions—any damage to the spinal cord results in severe damage. The victim may not control their hands, arms, legs, feet, etc. When the victim sustains severe back Injuries, they may become paralyzed.

Fractured or Broken Bones

Fractures occur in high-speed side-impact collisions. The human body contains numerous interconnected bones. When a side impact accident occurs, most victims suffer fractured bones. Most of the bones in the leg are at Risk of sustaining injuries. This is because most side-impact accidents put force on the lower limbs. The force also causes the car door and wheel to crush the passenger's and driver's bones in the legs. The injuries are so severe that the victims have to undergo surgery. Again the victims suffer physical distress since they experience difficulty walking and have protruding bone joints through their legs.

Laceration and Internal Bleeding

When a side impact collision occurs, the passenger's body may contact sharp edges inside the vehicle or outside the other vehicle. The victims will sustain laceration, which may vary from minor cuts to severe wounds where the underlying tissue in the skin is exposed. The injuries require a lengthy healing process. They also cause pain and suffering to the victim as they are left with permanent scars—internal bleeding results from fractures in car crashes. Internal bleeding is a sign of serious injury. Internal bleeding easily results in loss of limb. Again it can result in death due to loss of vital organs.


Whiplash refers to strains in your ligaments and muscles. When a side impact collision occurs, the force at work can make the victim's body move in ways not meant to and at an increased speed. When the other vehicle hits you from the side, your head jerks backward from the force of the impact. If you feel pain in your neck after an accident, you will likely have sustained whiplash. The strains are primarily painful and take a few weeks to heal.

What Damages are Available in a Side Impact Collision?

You will more likely suffer losses when you engage in a side-impact collision. For example, the accident will result in injuries and property damages. As a victim of the accident, you need to file a lawsuit and seek compensation for your damages. In Las Vegas, the law categorizes the damages as either non-economic or economic damages. It is good you note economics includes the damages with monetary value. Alternatively, non-economic injuries include damages that are difficult to calculate their monetary value. The following are the potential damages you will be compensated after a side impact accident in Nevada:

Medical Cover

You will receive compensation for medical bills, physical therapy, medical supplies, medication, present, and future medical bills. However, you want to work with your injury attorney to help you know all the medical expenses to include in this category. 

Lost Income

After you sustain severe injuries in a side-impact collision, you might find your future life challenging. For example, you might never return to your work, finding it challenging to make a living. Therefore, the law in Las Vegas allows you to seek compensation for the loss of income. As mentioned above, remember to work with your injury attorney throughout the legal process. 

Property Damage

Another available damage you receive compensation for is property damages. For example, after the collision, your vehicle might be eradicated. Sometimes, the car might be irreparable after the crash. Your insurer should assist you in repairing and replacing your vehicle. Work with your attorney to ensure your insurance provider compensates you for the deserved compensation. 

Pain and Suffering

You will more likely suffer mental stress after a side-impact collision. Although the damage is not attached to dollar value, you are entitled to compensation. However, the amount of compensation will vary based on the severity of your injuries and your future life. You need to document your treatment during and after your recovery period. By doing so, you will be able to prove you suffered both physical distress and mental stress. Also, consult your attorney when need be. The attorney will guide you on how to file your lawsuit. 

Wrongful Death

When your loved one or relative is involved in a side-impact collision and loses their life, you need to seek compensation for burial and funeral costs. Apart from these costs, the deceased's family requires financial support to cater to their daily needs. For example, a family that relied on the victim to make a living requires compensation for survival. 

What to Do after a Side Impact Collision in Nevada

When you are engaged in a side-impact collision in Nevada, the next step you take after the crash will make a difference in the future. You are lawfully allowed to obtain compensation for the crash because of the other driver's negligence. However, if you do not take the proper steps after the accident, you will not deserve the compensation. To stay on the safe side, you need to take the following steps after the accident:

Remain at the Accident Scene

If anyone sustained injuries or died, do not leave the accident scene. When you fail to do so, the law in las vegas will consider your actions as hit and run. Wait until the law enforcement officers arrive at the scene and make their report. 

Seek Medical Attention, If Needed

You can call 911 when you seek medical assistance. If you cannot do so, ask another person to dial and call the number for you. Alternatively, if you did not sustain injuries, you want to move to a safe place. Your vehicle might be blocking the way and result in additional accidents. But, when someone sustains severe injuries, leave the car where it is until the police arrive. 

Obtain Details of the Involved Vehicle

After ensuring no one sustained significant injuries, you want to obtain license information if the involved driver, the vehicle model, make, color, among other things, to identify the car. Take as many photos as possible. Remember these images will help you in the future as you seek compensation for your injuries and damages. The essential thing you want to obtain from the other driver is their insurance provider. 

Record Information From the Eyewitnesses

You must obtain the current addresses and contacts of the eyewitnesses. Also, ensure you collect the information of the police officers who arrive at the accident scene. The information is valuable as it will help you in the future as you seek compensation for your damages and injuries. Do not collect only one witness information; gather detail from as many witnesses as possible. 

Do Not Inform the Involved Driver You are Not Hurt

Do not inform the involved parties even when you did not sustain any injuries. Remember, you may take days before soft tissue injuries develop. When you say you did not suffer any injuries, the other driver and their insurance provider will have ammunition to reduce your compensation claim. Also, it is illegal to admit you are injured when you knowingly know you never sustained injuries. Therefore, remain quiet for some days to determine whether you suffered any form of injury. 

Do Not Admit Responsibility

Do not admit it even when you think you are responsible for the accident. You might be wrong about the possible cause of the accident. Also, the other party might be partially involved in the collision. Apologizing or admitting fault can keep you away from receiving the compensation you deserve. It's lawful to enquire whether the involved driver requires medical attention. When the involved driver pressurizes you to admit fault, do not accept.

Report the Collision, If Need Be

When the collision resulted in death or bodily injury above $750, you need to notify the Nevada department of a motor vehicle within two weeks. When you fail to report the collision, your driver's license will be at great risk of suspension. Notify your insurance provider when the collision involves another driver. Reporting earlier will give the insurance company enough time to defend your case when you are at fault for the accident. 

Speak With Your Attorney

Working with a well-trained personal injury attorney will be a step ahead in securing your compensation. The attorney will help you determine whether you are eligible for compensation. The attorney will also provide legal assistance when you require it the most. Also, they will represent you at the criminal court and do everything to ensure you obtain the compensation you deserve. 

The Statute of Limitation for Filing a Claim

When you or your loved one is involved in a side-impact collision in Nevada, you have only two years to file your claim. When the time elapses, you will be allowed to claim your injuries. It is good you note that you should not always accept the early settlement. You need to discuss your situation with your attorney and assess your compensation. You can also hire reconstruction experts to help determine the at-fault party and increase your chances of obtaining higher compensation amounts. 

Remember, the vulnerable people in the society or the persons above 60 years are allowed to obtain twice the amount of awards when the collision occurred because of the liable party's abuse or negligence. These losses are known as punitive and aim at punishing the at-fault driver for their negligence behavior. 

In cases where the alleged collision occurred as a willful act by a child, their guardians or parents should be held accountable for the accident. But, the law allows the minor's parents not to pay more than$10,000. Again, when the collision occurred because of signal malfunction by the traffic lights, the state became accountable for the victims' compensation. 

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Side impact collisions are common in Las Vegas, especially at intersections. The collisions result in severe injuries to the victims. Therefore when you are involved in an accident, you are entitled to compensation for the injuries and damages you suffer. However, you require the services of a well-skilled side-impact accident attorney. 

At Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney Law Firm, we have helped countless victims of these accidents obtain the compensation they deserve. If you are involved in a side-impact collision in las vegas, do not wait until the statute of limitation elapses. We believe the right time to file your claim is now. Contact us right away at 702-576-0010, and we will start working on your case.