Suffering from catastrophic injuries after a motorcycle accident can cause irreversible effects for the victims and their loved ones. This is primarily because of the severity of the harm they sustain, making it challenging to resume their everyday lives. Subsequently, looking for ways to seek compensation from the parties liable for the motorcycle accidents is advisable. This is because the compensatory amount you receive helps cater to your medical needs, among others.

Working with a car accident attorney is also recommended, as they have a wealth of experience in the practice area. Thanks to this, you can trust them to provide quality legal services tailored to help you recover for the damages suffered. With Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney Law Firm, you will receive high-quality legal support and services to help you recover after suffering harm. Our goal is to help any client who sustained catastrophic injuries receives the rightful compensation after a motorcycle accident.

Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

While most motorcycle accidents result in similar results like injuries and property destruction, different causes are attributable to them. Learning about these causes may help you or a loved one identify the primary reason for an accident occurrence.

The information can prove crucial when building a case against a potentially liable party because it helps demonstrate liability. Hence, your car accident attorney will take you through the different types of motorcycle accidents to identify potential factors in your incident. Common types include:

Rear-End Accidents

Rear-end accidents are prevalent, especially in high-traffic situations. This occurs mainly after the application of sudden breaks, coupled with inattentiveness by one of the motorists.

If the motorcycle rider bumped into a vehicle’s rear-end, the rider might be the primary party answerable for the accident because they ought to have reacted accordingly. On the other hand, a car driver may also cause a rear-end accident if they follow the motorcycle too closely, leading to an accident.

Usually, rear-end accidents may cause severe injuries for you, especially if a vehicle rear-ends a motorcycle. Having no mechanical protection while on the bike, you are more likely to suffer from the impact of the collision. As a result, you are prone to catastrophic injuries that may drastically change the course of your lives.

Left-Turn Accidents

Additionally, a motorcycle accident may occur when a motorist tries to take a left turn when exiting a highway or maneuvering in traffic. Notably, turning on the road requires them to check all sides of oncoming traffic and ensure it is safe. Therefore, failure to check the surroundings and make informed choices is the leading cause of left-turn accidents.

A motorcyclist in a left-turn accident is exposed to severe impact, causing severe injuries. The vehicle will likely hit you with high force, especially if the driver cannot brake on time. As a result, fatalities may arise on top of the high-risk injuries commonly sustained. This, therefore, calls for you to exercise extra caution when making left turns on the road.

Intoxication-Related Accidents

Further, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol contributes to many road accidents annually, including motorcycle accidents. The impairment arises after you take drugs. This is because the substances lower your vision quality and cognitive ability. As a result, you cannot identify potential dangers on time, making it difficult to react when needed.

Drug or alcohol-related accidents are also potentially catastrophic, mainly because you are unaware of the impending harm. Hence, the impact may be relentless, exposing you to high-risk injuries and severe property damage.

You should note that parties involved in these motorcycle accidents will need to report the incident to law enforcement officers and seek compensation for the harm suffered. This is because driving when drunk is a violation of the law, meaning that the persons responsible for your accident are answerable to criminal charges.

Single Party Accidents

While many motorcycle accidents involve two or more parties at fault, incidents arising from one party’s shortcomings also occur. Various acts or omissions may result in these accidents depending on the circumstances. Therefore, your car accident attorney will help you identify the relevant factors to consider as you establish the best approaches to recovering damages.

For example, a single-party accident can occur when the motorcycle suffers sudden mechanical damage like brake failure. Consequently, you may find it difficult to stop, resulting in an accident. Alternatively, you may suffer from an unexpected medical condition like aura vision, causing impaired sight. You may lose sight and collide with other road users without proper control.

If the accident you were involved in was single-party-related, you might require assistance from your attorney to establish the most appropriate way to recover damages. This is because the party who caused the accident may have suffered from a genuinely unforeseen circumstance, making it difficult to establish liability without legal advice.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Having established the different types of motorcycle accidents, it is also essential to understand their causes, as it may help you avoid them. As a claimant, you may also be in a better position to identify the liable party if you can trace the most probable cause of their actions that caused the accident.

 Working with your lawyer to assess the possible causes of your accident is also an added advantage, as you will explore different angles and potential case development options. Additionally, learning the cause of the accident can help you distance yourself from any possible responsibility in the incident. Thus, you will have an easier time recovering damages, as you will not have to split the compensatory amount based on contributory negligence.

The following are common causes of motorcycle accidents to consider:

Adverse Weather Conditions

As mentioned, motorcycles lack the protective material of other vehicles like cars and trucks. A rider is more exposed to external conditions, including adverse weather. For example, during heavy downpours, the rider must either slow down or continue operating the motorcycle carefully. Since the rain pours down their helmet, their visibility is lower, making it challenging to remain focused while on the road. A motorcycle accident is, therefore, more likely to occur.

Additionally, strong winds may cause imbalance while riding a motorcycle because it requires a rider to retain their center of gravity. Consequently, the rider may move from side to side or use one of their feet to balance, which is dangerous, especially when driving at high speeds. Other road users are also likely to collide with the rider as they try to move in different directions to avoid the windy force, increasing the chances of an accident.

Driving Under the Influence

Drunk driving is a leading cause of motorcycle accidents, mainly where a driver operating a car hits a motorcycle rider. Nevertheless, some riders may also be liable for the same offense by operating their bikes while under the influence.

Motorists expose themselves to danger after consuming alcohol above the recommended blood alcohol concentration(BAC) limit because they can control their vehicles less. Therefore, their reaction time is slower, and they lose their cognitive, visual, and auditory senses in extreme cases.

Due to this, accidents caused by being under the influence may cause fatalities and severe multiparty losses. The possibility of having multiple parties in the accident arises because the incident may be unforeseen, meaning a domino effect of collisions can happen.

Ignoring Traffic Signs or Lights

Road safety authorities erect traffic signs and lights to reinforce the vital road signs and regulations that guide all road users. Further, these signs are strategically designed to warn motorists about what to expect a few meters ahead. Thus, ignoring the signs will endanger the driver who does it and other unsuspecting parties.

Traffic signs and lights at intersections are among the most important, as they guide drivers through one of the busiest road designs. Without reference to them, drivers at intersections are more prone to T-bone collisions, among others. Thus, when motorists ignore traffic regulations and proceed into the intersection, they are more likely to cause crashes that could cause catastrophic injuries.

If the at-fault party is a motorcycle rider, they will expose themselves to serious harm, as they would sustain more force and impact. Thus, suffering from catastrophic injuries is more common, resulting in potentially irreversible harm.

Ignoring traffic signs may also cause a single-party accident, especially when riding in dangerous terrain like cliffs. Therefore, failure to observe the signs may make a motorcycle rider unable to react to the sloped terrain, resulting in rollover accidents, among others. Based on this, considering the signs when operating a vehicle is crucial, reducing accident risks.

Excessive Speeding

While some sections of the highway allow motorists to engage at high speeds, you ought to control your control and be aware of your surroundings. This helps avoid unforeseen circumstances that cause collisions. Hence, exercising care is important despite speeding in authorized areas.

On the other hand, some road sections provide a speed limit that all road users should observe to prevent possible incidents. This may be because children are present along the street or bumps ahead, among other reasons. Thus, failure to restrict yourself within the speed limits will expose you and other motorists to possible high-risk motorcycle accidents.

You should also note that accidents arising from speeding are often severe, as the force of impact increases based on the acceleration rate. Therefore, the victims involved are more likely to sustain severe injuries that require urgent medical attention.

Distractions While Operating a Vehicle

Numerous distractions exist on the road, impairing your ability to remain focused and avoid accidents. For example, most drivers are used to checking their phones while operating their vehicles, meaning they lose sight of the road for a few seconds. Although the distraction time may be short, safety risks are still considerable, meaning that an accident may occur at any time.

Further, distractions may arise from passengers in a car, music, or distressing news that reduces your ability to focus. These factors often test your cognitive ability, drawing you away from the mental requirements of controlling a vehicle. Subsequently, failure to make conscious efforts to regain focus may cause a severe accident based on the inability to exercise control.

If a motorcyclist were ahead or behind the vehicle with a distracted driver, they would suffer from a severe motorcycle accident, causing injuries. Furthermore, third parties may also suffer from the incident from the inability to brake or swerve on time, as distracted drivers often do not spot safety hazards on time.

Poor Road Conditions

While you may make efforts to observe all traffic regulations and respect other road users, poor road conditions may still cause motorcycle accidents. As a result, you and other road users are likely to suffer harm, depending on the severity of the impact.

Learning about common or poor road conditions can help you avert them or recognize them to help build your compensatory case. Among them are potholes and large road cracks that force motorists to brake or swerve suddenly to avoid them. If a road user ahead of you maneuvers by applying sudden brakes, you may fall victim to unforeseen circumstances and become involved in a motorcycle accident.

Further, debris from previous accidents, tree branches, and rocks on the road are also classifiable as poor road conditions. This is because they prevent motorists or riders from moving smoothly, which may cause an accident. Similarly, the debris may cause punctures and other malfunctions, leading to a motorcycle accident.

On top of this, the absence of road signs where necessary is also a form of poor or unmaintained road condition, as drivers may be unaware of impending danger. Due to this, road accidents may be more common in these circumstances, including motorcycle-related incidents.

Tailgating Other Vehicles

Tailgating is an unlawful practice that involves following other vehicles too closely. Thus, the offender is often the party behind a car if they are too close to it. Usually, tailgating contributes to motorcycle accidents because it reduces the vehicle's reaction time behind in traffic, resulting in a rear-end accident.

While most tailgating accidents are minor because they occur in heavy traffic conditions(where speeds are lower), some incidents are different. For example, tailgating on the highway can cause catastrophic injuries for involved parties, especially if they are motorcycle riders. This is because a sudden stop may throw you out of the motorcycle and crash on the hard tarmac. Based on this, you may sustain serious injuries.

Third-Party Motorists’ Negligence

 Lastly, negligent acts by third parties on the road can contribute to a motorcycle accident in various ways, depending on the circumstances. This is common in congested streets or heavy traffic situations, where many motorists try to get their way.

For example, if a third-party driver forces their way into your lane, resulting in a swerve by another driver, it may cause a direct collision with your motorcycle. Ultimately, the accident will involve two contributory parties, but the primary liable person will be the careless driver. The sequence of events may cause confusion and attempts to evade responsibility by the negligent party, so you want to inform your attorney of the incident as soon as possible.

Additionally, third parties may cause a motorcycle accident by leaving their vehicles parked incorrectly or leaving their car doors open. In a narrow street, these actions may cause severe consequences for a motorcycle rider who did not expect a vehicle to be at a corner or any other concealed area.

Further, parking in unauthorized zones means a person inside the car could cause an accident by opening their door as a motorcycle rider passes. Additional third-party actions are up for consideration, and you will need to expound your case facts to your attorney.

Types of Injuries Sustained In a Motorcycle Accident

When you or a loved one is involved in a motorcycle accident, you want to seek immediate medical attention. Doing so will help you receive a correct diagnosis that lets you know the types of injuries you have suffered. Further, you will receive the necessary treatment based on the information you receive from your doctor. You have a better chance to make a quicker recovery by seeking medical attention.

Upon learning of the types of injuries sustained from the motorcycle accident, your accident attorney can also help you prepare for your case more adequately. This is because they can argue the potential impact of the injuries on your life to justify your compensatory claim. Thus, having sufficient knowledge of different types of injuries is useful. They include:

Spinal Injuries

Based on the possibility of a motorcycle rider flying off the motorcycle, they are likely to suffer from severe spinal injuries. Consequently, this may result in irreversible harm for the involved victim, including semi-permanent paralysis. For some, the condition may remain for the rest of their lives, making it difficult to navigate and care for themselves without assistance.

Loss of Limbs

Loss of limbs after an accident is also possible, mainly when the victim suffers a severe fracture that crushes the bones. Alternatively, amputation resulting in loss of limbs may be advisable if the victim’s flesh suffers from an infection that causes it to decay. Hence, amputations will prevent the infection from spreading to the body. However, you will be unable to regain your initial physical appearance, as you will lose your arms or legs to treat the condition.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are serious conditions that arise after your skull suffers from severe trauma, mainly from impact with a hard surface. These types of injuries are prevalent where a motorcycle rider did not have a helmet on or if they did, it fell off during the collision.

Since your skull faces high impact, you may suffer concussions, memory loss, or even internal bleeding in extreme cases. Some victims cannot regain consciousness after suffering a traumatic brain injury for a while, as they may be in a coma or a determined vegetative state.

Bone Fractures

Motorcycle accident victims are prone to protect themselves by using their arms as shields, exposing them to bone fractures. Alternatively, fractures may occur when the motorcycle or vehicle you were in has disfigured, extending the impact force to your body. Due to this, you may need to rely on crutches and medical casts for some time before making a full recovery.

Severe Burns

If the motorcycle or vehicle you were in caught fire, you may also suffer from severe burns. This is especially the case where you cannot remove yourself from the danger before rescue teams arrive at the accident scene. Some victims may sustain severe burns that may even lead to fatalities.

Damages to Recover After a Motorcycle Accident

Once you officially file a case against the party you hold liable for your accident, you want to prepare a concise list of damages you wish to recover from the party. Nevertheless, you should note that the presiding judge holds discretion on whether to award the compensation or not, based on the strength of your case. Therefore, adequate preparations are crucial to sourcing evidence to support your claims.

Common compensatory claims that motorcycle accident victims present include:

  • Compensation for medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death
  • Loss of wages and earning capacity
  • Property repair or replacement
  • Permanent body disfigurement

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