Truck accidents are disastrous compared to other types of road accidents. This is due to the large sizes and weight associated with the trucks. The victims of these accidents suffer catastrophic injuries. The victims find it challenging to undergo the legal process before obtaining compensation for their misery. So, when you sustain severe injuries after a truck accident attorney, you should work closely with a well-trained truck accident attorney. The attorney will help determine whether you qualify for compensation.

At the Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney Law Firm, our attorneys have helped countless victims of truck accidents in Las Vegas obtain the compensation they deserve. We understand it's not a simple walk to seek compensation from your insurance companies and truck companies. Do not wait until the statute of limitation elapses to file your claim. Contact us, and we will help you understand more about how to win your truck accident case.

What to Do After the Truck Accident

To win or lose the truck accident case will highly depend on what you do immediately after the accident. Every single step you undergo will play a significant role in your case. However, this doesn't mean you put yourself at significant risk after the accident. Ensure you evaluate your situation and the condition of those involved in the crash. Also, work closely with your truck accident attorney to help you whenever you require legal help. The following are the critical things you want to take:

  • Call 911

In Las Vegas, you can only reach emergency services by calling 911. Remember, truck accidents are catastrophic and usually result in severe injuries. Your health is the main priority. That's why you require emergency services. Also, when you sustain minor injuries, ensure you also consider the safety of others. When the collision involves multiple trucks, you can call for multiple ambulances.

If you think your injuries are minor, wait for the law enforcement officers to arrive at the accident scene. The main reason you should wait at the scene is to obtain a police report from the officers. The report will be critical in the future as you seek compensation for the Injuries you sustain. Keep the report in a safe location where you can obtain it quickly when needed.

  • Seek Medical Attention

When the accident is minor, do not assume everything is okay. You still require medical attention. You need to know that several symptoms will appear days or even weeks after the accident. The injuries which manifest later are serious since the damages have already occurred. But, when you seek medical attention immediately after the truck accident, the medical officer will discover these injuries as early as possible. Also, the doctor will treat them early before they grow worse.

Remember, when you seek medical help in time, you will be able to link your injuries with the accident. When you seek treatment after several days, your insurer may be reluctant to compensate for your injuries. They may argue your injuries were caused by something else other than the truck accident. When this is your case, you will likely find it challenging to receive compensation. Remember, even after the emergency personnel assesses you at the accident scene, going for a medical check-up is a step forward. The medical experts will issue you receipts and medical records, which you may use to prove your injuries during your case trial.

  • Do Not Share Your Injury Details on Social Media

Truck accidents are fatal compared to other types of accidents. The news about the accident may spread further when many fatalities are involved. In Nevada, the law allows you to notify only your close relatives or friends when involved in a catastrophic accident. Also, when you come across similar pictures on social media, refrain from making any comments about the accident. In addition, do not share information about your emotional or physical condition after the accident. When you share the information about your accident, the court may use it against you in the court as you seek compensation. Do not share or comment on anything about the accident on social media to stay on the safe side.

  • Collect Witness Information

A witness is any person who sees or observes the accident. The witness may be a bystander, occupant from another car, or passenger in another vehicle. Obtaining eyewitness information is a great way to build your case in the future. Also, when the police arrive at the accident scene and are not very busy, you can tell them to collect information from the witness. Remember, when these people leave the accident scene, you will find it challenging to see them. So, gathering this information at the accident scene is the correct thing you can do. When collecting the information, do not be harsh to the witness. Ask the details politely. The information you can collect from them includes their full names, addresses, phone contacts, and their identifying cards.

  • Weigh What You Say

After a truck accident, the involved parties may find themselves in conflict. You won't solve the situation by directing your emotions to the involved parties. When you are angry, you might even find yourself speaking words that will affect your case in the future. So, observe what you say even if you are angry. Stay calm. By staying calm, you will avoid speaking words that can cost you in court. Alternatively, even when you think the other driver is responsible for the accident, do not accuse them. Remember always to consult your attorney before you say anything.

  • Have Your Vehicle Appraised

Due to their large sizes and weights, trucks lead to catastrophic damage. Your truck might appear alright at a physical sight when they are highly damaged. So, you want to ensure a well-trained expert examines the damages to your truck. Therefore don't make a mistake by taking your vehicle to the automobile repair. Ensure the automobile repair shop you take your vehicle to meets all the government requirements and standards.

Remember, you will use the appraisal report to claim your damages. Many insurance agencies have strict rules about what you can submit to them after an accident. That's why it is recommended you ensure your automobile repair shop meets the government standard in Nevada. The state has issued a list of repair shops accepted by the insurers.

  • Do Not Admit Fault After the Accident

Do not be rude or angry when you are involved in an accident. It doesn't mean you also remain too nice and say things that may come hunting you in the future as you seek compensation. Talk with your attorney whenever you want to speak to the involved parties. Don't apologize even when you think you are partially involved in the crime. Although it's recommended, you avoid conversations, ensure you cooperate with the law enforcement officers. Please provide the information they inquire about and avoid admitting liability.

  • Seek Legal Help From Your Truck Accident Attorney

The main aim of a truck accident lawsuit is to ensure you obtain compensation for your injuries and damages. Working the legal process alone is not wise. You require the legal services of a well-trained truck accident attorney. The attorney will help protect your rights and ensure you obtain the compensation you deserve. To win your case, the attorney has to do several things.

First, The attorney will have to gather details and facts about the accident. For instance, when you sustain injuries that hindered you from collecting evidence, the attorney may use the police report or conduct an independent investigation of the accident.

Secondly, the attorney will work closely with the mechanical engineers, accident reconstruction experts, and biomedical engineers to help determine the possible cause of the accident. Reconstruction experts examine multiple factors which might have contributed to the accident. The experts may use the black box to prove liability and examine its results.

Potential Injuries You May Suffer in a Truck Accident

Due to the large weight and the size of the trucks, the injuries suffered are severe. Many victims of the accident sustain life-threatening injuries. Due to this reason, a driver's negligence may attract horrific consequences. A truck accident may result in additional accidents, especially when the cargo falls on the road. The following are the potential injuries you can suffer in a truck accident:

Neck and Spine Injuries

The force impact from the trucks may cause your head to snap forward and cause injuries, including nerve damage, paralysis, and whiplash. The injuries may require you to undergo therapy or surgery. Other injuries will require you to use wheelchairs and medical devices throughout your life. Ensure you include these injuries in your compensation claim.

Broken Bones

Just like many other accidents, truck accidents will result in broken bones. Dislocations and broken bones are often witnessed in many truck accidents. Based on your body part injured, these injuries may take an extended period before you fully recover. Also, you might need painful physical therapy and surgeries. Also, include these injuries when you are claiming compensation.

Burn Injuries

Due to the raptured tanks caused by the higher forces, burns are more likely to occur. Many trucks on Nevada roads transport toxic flammable materials. A burn may attract infections in your body. Therefore you may end up requiring painful and multiple skin grafts. Speak with your attorney to help you include these injuries in your compensation claim.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are severe and result in permanent consequences. A trauma on your skull or head may attract health issues, including paralysis, memory loss, difficulty breathing, and death. So, these are severe injuries, and you must include them in your compensation claim.

Laceration and Soft Tissue Injuries

Flying debris may cause deep cuts and lead to severe tissue injuries. These cuts may require staples, stitches. Also, the cuts might be infected, so you require many antibiotics to treat the infections. Alternatively, the great force during the accident may attract soft tissue injuries. The damages may lead to internal bleeding and cause death if left untreated by professional experts.

Damages in a Truck Accident

Treating injuries, you sustain in a truck accident can leave you in a financial crisis. That's the main reason you require compensation for the injuries you suffer. To treat the injuries, you will face the following expenses:

  • Diagnostic tests

  • Emergency treatment

  • Nursing care

  • Rehabilitative therapy

  • Reconstructive surgeries

  • Prescription medication

  • Follow up appointments

Although medical costs are among the most significant expenses you face while treating your injuries, there are still other expenses you will incur. For instance, many victims of the accident may stay out of work for several months, if not years. Remember, truck accidents are severe and will require extensive medical care. Your relative, friend, spouse, or partner may take absence leave to transport you to the medical center. The lack of income will be detrimental to your family as you try to clear your medical bills.

When you sustain life-threatening conditions like paralysis, your family may require you to employ a nurse to help you carry out your daily activities like shopping, preparing meals, driving, and bathing. The good news is when you can prove your injuries resulted from another driver's negligence, the law allows you to receive compensation for the losses you suffered, including:

  • Lost wages

  • Pain and suffering

  • Property damages

  • Medical expense

Parties You Can Hold Liable in A Truck Accident

Finding the liable party after an accident may be hectic. Multiple parties may be involved in the accident, making it more complicated to determine the at-fault party. Sometimes multiple parties may share the liability resulting in the truck accident. Potential at-fault parties in a truck accident include:

  • Truck Drivers

Driver error is a leading cause of truck accidents. Commercial vehicle drivers are more likely to cause an accident than weather conditions and road hazards. The driver can cause an accident when they violate traffic laws and substance abuse. Again, the driver may fail to anticipate upcoming dangers in the roadway. The driver may also be liable for an accident when the driver was overworked. At times, drivers violate the hour of service rule to reach set deadlines. As per Nevada laws, a driver can drive a maximum of eleven hours per day after resting for ten hours. When drivers fail to obey the law, they become destructed, resulting in accidents.

  • Trucking Companies

Sometimes, the trucking company may be liable for mistakes committed by a truck driver or their employee. The company could be responsible when the driver’s errors were unintentional. The company may also be liable if the driver has infractions in their records or didn’t undergo proper training. The courier will be responsible since they must employ qualified and well-trained drivers. Again, the truck company has the role of ensuring the truck is safe and operating correctly. When an accident occurs due to faulty brakes or power steering problems, the trucking company will be liable for the accident. However, the company will not be responsible if they have inspected and maintained the truck.

  • Truck Maintenance Company

A truck has parts that may wear out, like tires, brakes, etc. it is the duty of the truck maintenance company to inspect the vehicle frequently. If a truck accident occurs due to a defect that could be reasonably seen, the truck maintenance contractor is held liable. Some visible parts include tires, brakes, wipers, windscreens, lights, reflectors, suspension, and fuel systems. When an accident occurs due to the malfunction of the parts, then the truck maintenance company is held responsible for the accident.

  • The Truck Manufacturer

A defective part is a leading cause of a truck accident. The truck manufacturer is liable when a truck accident results from a defective part or a defective truck. A minor manufacturer's defect could result in a severe accident of heavy trucks. If a severe accident results from a defective part, the manufacturer is liable for the accident if they were aware of the defect and ignored it.

  • The Loading Company

The cargo owners, distributors, and leaders are responsible for ensuring dangerous materials are loaded and handled safely into the truck. The cargo loader is responsible for loading the truck's cargo, ensuring it is sealed to prevent the contents from falling off or spilling when the vehicle moves. When a truck cargo falls or causes the vehicle to tip over from improper weight distribution, the cargo loaders are responsible for the accident.

  • Government Agencies

When a truck accident results from a roadway hazard like a broken pavement, which results in a rollover, the date or local government may be responsible for the accident. The government could hire a contractor to maintain the road, and then the contractor retains a faulty job. If this happens, then the contractor is held liable for the accident.

Sometimes the roads may be designed with narrow lanes and low overpasses. When a truck accident occurs due to road design flaws, you have the right to file a claim against the government. The agency responsible for performing the road work will be responsible for the accident. Again, the government may also be liable for the accident if the vehicle involved belonged to the government.

Negligence Behaviors By Drivers

When the accident occurs, the truck driver might be held responsible for their behaviors. The following are the main factors that can result in a truck accident:

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a significant cause of accidents in Nevada and worldwide. It's a common problem on both local and highways. It might be boring when a truck driver drives for long distances without entertainment. To stay comfortable, the driver might try to eat or start chatting. When they eat or start operating their phone, the driver's attention is driven away. Therefore, the driver may lead to an accident due to distracted driving.

Overtaking and Overspeeding

When a driver faces sack threats from their employer, they may overtake and overspeeding. An employer may threaten the driver when they fail to deliver their goods on time. That's why the driver will try to operate their vehicle faster without observing other road users. The driver's intentional swerving lanes to overtake other vehicles may land them in accidents. For example, when the driver overtakes without considering the oncoming vehicles, they may engage in an accident.

Poor Training

In Nevada, all drivers must meet a set of requirements before being certified. However, many drivers start operating vehicles without meeting the qualifications. The state experiences unpredictable weather patterns and requires well-trained drivers, especially on commercial vehicles. The weather patterns require experienced drivers to avoid hydroplaning and skidding. It is true inexperienced truck drivers in Nevada will put the lives of other road users at significant risk.

A truck company also has the responsibility to inspect their vehicle before allowing them to transport any goods. Many truck companies are reluctant and disobey these rules. Before they make deliveries, the trick companies should also look at those roads and note their conditions.

Drivers Fatigue

To operate a truck might be stressful. Many drivers are pressured by their bosses to meet the set deadlines. So, the drivers drive long distances without rest and are often tired. In other cases, the drivers take a short period to rest due to the long journey they have to cover. As a result of fatigue, the drivers lose concentration and fall asleep as they drive the vehicle. Due to this fatigue, they commit serious accidents.

Other Elements which Might Lead to Truck Accident

In addition to the above factors, other elements may attract truck accidents. These factors are:

  • Traffic interruption

  • Poor roads

  • Driving on a new route

  • Using over the counter drugs

  • Wrong medication prescription

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